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Owning one's own business is very much a part of the American Dream. It is a goal and aspiration nurtured deep inside each of us and recalled, refined and renewed again and again.

As business brokers, we come into contact with people at just that magic moment when dreams are about to become reality. Because it is a very special, important and serious time, we feel we have a special obligation, beyond those of normal commerce, to strive for the highest levels of professionalism in our task. Our competence, our sense of responsibility and integrity, our advice, must be the best - of the highest order. We are involved with time, money and changes in lifestyle. We are involved with people's dreams.

In the performance of our task, we find ourselves well guided by the "Golden Rule". It is our basic principle of business to "treat our clients as we would have them treat us". That is fairly, honestly, responsibly and always with their best interest in mind. Just as if, instead of business brokers, each of us had made a choice to have a full time career of being a dream maker - because we have. And the best part is this, by fulfilling the dreams of others, we fulfill our own. What a wonderful business we are in.

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