The decision to pursue business ownership is a huge step. Eranco Business Brokers can make your search an easier, more organized process, while giving you access to a wide variety of opportunities to explore.

The Process Of Buying A Business

Buyer Registration

Our agreement with the Owners of the opportunities available require that each prospective buyer provide a signed non-disclosure agreement prior to any information being released, including the fact that the business is for sale. The confidential questionnaire will assist us in providing you with appropriate candidates for your review. These forms are available on line or by contacting our office.

Information Available

A generic list of opportunities is available on line. Once registered, you may request a one page summary of specific businesses. After narrowing your search, a comprehensive package will be provided which will include detailed information about the business, the industry in general, the assets included, financial information, facilities and the area, and other information determined to be essential for your review.

Offer Process

If interested in a specific opportunity, we will assist in guiding you through the offer process. Your offer will include specific questions that you will need to have answered before finalizing the transaction. This is the due diligence process.

Financing Assistance

We can direct you to a variety of conventional and non-conventional lenders. It is important to our clients to keep updating our lender relationships and be aware of their policies. Our guidance through the financing process will save you time and expense. Our experience can also provide suggestions for creative alternatives when appropriate.

Structuring and Closing

Creating a team effort with the attorneys, accountants, bankers and other advisors can provide options for structuring a transaction that is most beneficial for all parties. Coordinating all the parties will result in a smooth transaction.

Advisor Selection

We suggest you seek the advice and counsel of qualified professionals, lender, attorney and accountant. Eranco has established an excellent business relationship with a number of professional firms locally and throughout the country. If you would like our assistance, we would be happy to introduce you to several of these firms and/or to attend an initial meeting to help you select an appropriate advisor.

Buyer Representation

In most transactions, Eranco represents the Seller of a company. However, we can offer representation to a buyer. With your criteria in mind, we can target our search for companies that match, make inquiries on your behalf and maintain a high level of confidentiality.