Maximum Exposure

Our total focus is selling businesses. The many calls we take each day are for the sole purpose of seeking business opportunities. We are members of the Ohio Business Brokers Association and the International Business Brokers Association which broadens the scope of our reach to potential prospects. We also subscribe to a variety of internet business sales sites which bring your business to thousands of potential buyers world wide each day.


By doing a preliminary interview and asking the sensitive financial questions, we can eliminate those who do not have the resources to buy. We can also eliminate those who are merely curious.


Although no one can guarantee the sale of a business, because of our specialization, we can provide the best opportunity for a successful transaction to occur. We don't receive our transaction fee until the sale of the business is concluded.


The closing is handled through an escrow procedure. All documents are provided to both parties for review by their prospective attorneys before the closing occurs.

Financial Assistance

We can assist and direct the purchaser to a variety of financing sources not limited to the SBA and second mortgage money. We offer creative alternatives in certain circumstances that allow a sale to occur wherein traditional methods may not work.


Your customers, employees, suppliers or competitors need not be aware that you are selling. We do not advertise by name or specific location nor do we use signs to indicate who is for sale. Only those who need to know are informed of your desire to sell which protects the integrity of your operation.


Our brokers are trained professionals, schooled in courtesy and diplomacy. They are ready to help you through the myriad of details and red tape toward the successful sale of your business. Our brokers have owned over a dozen different businesses in the past and can understand your circumstances. We also have personnel licensed to handle real estate in Ohio and Pennsylvania and combined experience in the office of over 65 years.


We select appropriate frequency and media for advertising, with material written by experienced staff so that you get results. With the wide use of the internet today, we also take advantage of presenting your business to the world on a number of popular sites.

*** Follow Up

The seller maintains a position of strength since we do all follow up with the purchaser. The purchaser is expecting to be contacted by us as part of the normal buying procedure.

*** Synergetic Effect

Only 30% of those who respond to a particular ad buy that particular type of business. Statistically, one out of four hundred buy that particular business. The seller has the advantage of exposure to all the purchasers who contact EBB.

*** Negotiate

We are a buffer between the purchaser and seller. We can keep egos and personalities out of the negotiations, which makes for a smoother, less stressful transaction.